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GeoLytics News: New Market Segmentation Software

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

New Market Segmentation Software

Our newly released Spectrum Marketing Segmentation software
allows you to run a wide variety of reports to easily aid
your clients in the following:

1. Market Segmentation
2. Trend analysis
3. Site analysis
4. Identifying potential new markets
5. Determine who lives in a given area or where certain
types of people live
Spectrum Segmentation software has included in it 81 pre-defined
profiles such as “Young Families in Small Cities” which you
would expect but it also has included some that are more
unusual like “Modern Homes” or “Foreign Born Population”. 
Additionally it allows the user to create their own core
profiles using your own definitions within the 65 demographic
variables included, such as age, race, income, housing units,
and more.
Of course you can identify which area has the most affluent
Households, but with our product you can also easily identify
which neighborhoods had the most “growth” in affluent households.
Or which neighborhood had the biggest “decline” in seniors living
there – the trend for growth or decline can be run for any and
every profile – so you can easily determine where potential areas
of interest are located.
Our products are easy to use – so even if you are a sole
proprietor you can still do complex analysis and give real
value to your clients.
Spectrum offers a report called Profiles that will tell you
which profiles are the best match for a given area.  Or you
can run the areas for all the profiles you are interested in
and see how each one stacks up.  The underlying data is the
American Community Survey (ACS) 2009-2013 data (the latest
data from the US Census Bureau) as well as the ACS 2008-12.
To learn more about our Spectrum Segmentation software
please go to our website at http://www.geolytics.com/USCensus,MarketSegmentation,Products.asp
Spectrum Market Segmentation includes the ability to:
 1. Run a report for a given site location - to learn more

   2. Analyze which area will be the best to locate a site –
to learn more http://www.geolytics.com/msareaprofiles.asp
  3. Find more customers just like the ones you already have –
to learn more http://www.geolytics.com/msfindcustomers.asp
  4. Profile Your Customers - to learn more http://www.geolytics.com/msprofileyourcustomers.asp
For more information about this or any of our products go to: http://www.geolytics.com


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