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GeoLytics News: June 2014

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

When to consider a Demographic Data Report


    Current year demographic estimates and 5-year projections are absolutely essential for business users and researchers who need to know where their market is and where it is heading. This valuable information can be used to show you where your company needs to expand and how to allocate your resources strategically.  Identifying changes in communities, in the years since the 2010 Census, is made easier using these sorts of data -- allowing you to forecast the demographic trends that are likely to occur. Our Estimates and Projections data includes variables such as total population, population change, age, race, gender, educational attainment, employment, consumer expenditures, housing units, owners vs renters and of course, income (breakouts, median, aggregate and per capita).  Knowledge is power after all, and if you can see the patterns of today you will have a better chance of knowing the patterns of tomorrow.

Information is absolutely key in forming future business plans, and if this information could help your company, come over to GeoLytics, Inc. and see exactly where your market is heading.


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