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GeoLytics News: Easy Zip+4 Analysis – Now Available from GeoLytics

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Easy Zip+4 Analysis – Now Available from GeoLytics

Our new 2013 Zip+4 product will providethe area centroid of each of the 35+ million zip+4s with latitude/longitude coordinates and assigns the 2010 block, block group, tract, and county identification numbers/FIPS code.  Then it appends data for the Block Group in which that zip+4 is located.  The standard version has a sample of demographic variables from the Census 2010 Summary File 1 and American Community Survey. The expanded Zip+4 includes all of these variables as well as data from our 2013 Estimates and 2018 Projections.

Our Zip+4 product was designed to access the data in two distinct ways.  First, you can upload a file into it and secondly you can download a database file from it.  The first mode is designed for the user who wants to profile customer/client lists.  This product will allow you to upload your file of zip+4’s and automatically append the appropriate data to each entry.  The second option of downloading a database file is ideal for the user who wants to “hit” against this list as they enter a new customer/client into their database.

The Zip+4 product does not have data for the given zip+4 or even the 5-digit zip code.  Rather it appends the data for the block group in which the zip+4 is found.  Thus if one hundred zip+4s are all located within the same block group then the same data would be appended for each.  The 2013 Zip+4 contains the US Census Bureau’s latest TIGER/Line® Shapefiles and the US Post Office’s National Zip+4 data set. The Zip+4 DVD uses improved geocoding technology developed by GeoLytics and includes over 35 million zip+4 records.

The Zip+4 is a stand-alone product that offers accurate, high-speed geocoding and an affordable price.  For more information on GeoLytics’ Zip+4 2013, go to: http://www.geolytics.com/USCensus,Zip4,Products.asp

For a complete product description or list of variables for this product or any of our products, please go to our website at http://www.geolytics.com


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