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GeoLytics News: Current 2013 and Projected 2018 Data Available from GeoLytics

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Current 2013 and Projected 2018 Data Available from GeoLytics

The 2013 Estimates and 2018 Projections are available
in three different versions: Basic, Professional, and Premium.  The Basic Estimates/Projections has information about Total population, population density, age breakouts, race breakouts, gender, households, owners vs renters, and income. 

The Professional Estimates include all of the basic variables and also include age by race by gender, educational enrollment, educational attainment, family structure, house size, income by race, and consumer expenditures. 

The Premium estimates includes all of the above and family income, employment, poverty, median home value and median rent. It also include additional geographies, namely Places,  towns (MCDs) and metropolitan statistical areas. 

Each of the versions include data at the block group, tract, zip code, county and state level.

The Estimates are based the official 2010 Census (Redistricting and Summary File 1) at the Block level and the 2007-2011 American Community Survery (ACS) at the Block Group and Tract levels.

The Redistricting and Summary File 1 data sets are the central building blocks for the total population, race, Hispanic, age, gender, housing counts, etc.  Whereas the ACS will act as the basis for Income, Educational Attainment, Housing Value, Employment etc.  The use of the ACS is vital since none of these variables are included in the 2010 census data sets. 

To see a list of the existing variables in our Estimates products please go to our website at http://www.geolytics.com/USCensus,Estimate-Projections,Categories.asp
and select the estimate product you are interested in.  For each there is a tab with the variables, methodology, geography, etc.

As has been the case with previous versions, the Estimates data can be exported into comma seperate files, dbf files, maps which can be exported into shapefiles and summary reports for any of the geographies. 

For more information on all our products visit us online at http://www.geolytics.com
or call our toll free number at 800-577-6717.


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