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GeoLytics News: The 2000 Long Form (SF3) in 2010 Boundaries Now Available from GeoLytics

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The 2000 Long Form (SF3) in 2010 Boundaries Now Available from GeoLytics

The 2000 Long Form (SF3) includes such variables as population, age, gender, race, ethnicity, households, employment, educational attainment, language spoken, income, housing units, housing value, and hundreds of other tables.

This new product, 2000 Long Form in 2010 Boundaries is ideal for researchers who want to compare 2010 to 2000 -- to see the recent trends in America. With the 2000 Long Form in 2010 Boundaries you have access to the entire 2000 Long Form data set cross-walked to the 2010 boundaries. So you can do a real 'apples-to-apples' comparison of the data in the exact same boundary definitions. Thus making it possible to compare the 2000 Long Form data to the 2010 SF1 or 2010 ACS data sets.

The 2000 Long Form in 2010 boundaries covers the following geographies: Nation, states, counties, tracts, block groups, ZIP code tabulation areas (ZCTAs), 111th congressional district, place, county subdivisions, CSAs, MSAs, and native lands. Note that variables beginning with PCT or HCT are not available at the block group level – though are available for all other geographies.

The GeoLytics 2000 Long Form (SF3) in 2010 Boundaries has our easy-to-use interface – allowing users to quickly download all of the data for all of the geographies that they want – in whatever format they want (comma separated, dbf or a map with the accompanying boundary files).

For more information about the variables in the 2000 Long Form (SF3), please go to our website at


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