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GeoLytics News: June 2012

Friday, June 15, 2012

2012/2017 Estimates Now Available

The new 2012 Estimates/2017 Projections and the 2012 Professional Estimates / 2017 Projections are now available. The 2012/2017 Estimates Premium will be available in another few weeks.

The 2012 Estimates are based upon benchmarks from the official 2010 Redistricting and Summary File 1 (SF1) Block level Census and the 2010 American Community Survery (ACS) at the Block Group level.

These new estimates are in the 2010 geographies. The Summary File 1 and Redistricting data sets are used whenever possible since they are 100% counts of the population. Thus they are the central building block for the total population, race, Hispanic and housing counts. Whereas the ACS is the basis for income, educational attainment, housing value, and family structure. The use of the ACS is vital since none of these variables are included in the 2010 Redistricting or the 2010 Summary File 1.

The variable lists and geographies are the same across the three Estimate Sets (Basic, Professional and Premium) that we have released in previous years. To see a list of the existing variables in our Estimates products please go to our website  for Basic Estimates
and for Estimates Professional
 For each there is a tab with the variables, methodology, geography, etc.

As has been the case with previous versions, the Estimates data can be exported into comma seperate files, dbf files, maps which can be exported into shapefiles and summary reports for any of the geographies.

Easy Site Reports At Your Fingertips

GeoLytics just released our newest site report generator – Site Report 2011. It is fast, easy to use and very powerful. Site Report 2011 provides a comprehensive report of demographic data for 2010, and projections for 2016 in 3 rings around your target address.

The variable groups included in the Site Report are: Persons, Race/Hispanic, Households, Families, Employment, Education, Veterans, Income, and Housing. The 2010 demographic data on Site Report 2011 are based on the official 2010 Summary File 1 (SF1) data from the US Census Bureau as well as their 2006-2010 American Community Survey (ACS). The SF1 is the 100% count and is therefore considered more accurate but it does not include important demographics like income, educational attainment, employment, etc so that is pulled from the ACS. The ACS is also official US Census Bureau data but is collected over 5 years so it is really 2006 through 2010 not strictly speaking 2010 data. The 2016 projections are from GeoLytics’ proprietary estimates and projections.

 Site Report 2011 has our improved mapping capabilities and can show the location with the three radius rings drawn on it. You can zoom in or out on the map as well. This allows you to see how far out each of your radii takes you from your original location.

To see how simple the interface is go to our website at: http://www.geolytics.com/USCensus,SiteCD,Products.asp

For a complete list of all of the variables, go to:
To see a sample map, go to:

To see a sample report, go to:

American Community Survey 2010 (Long Form) Now Available from GeoLytics

GeoLytics has just released the new American Community Survey (ACS) for 2010. The ACS replaces the Census Long Form (SF3) data set and has many important demographics like Income, Employment, Commuting, Ancestry, Housing Value, Poverty etc. The ACS is comprised of 3 data sets -- the 1-year, 3-year and 5-year estimates. There are over 1,000 tables in the 5-year estimates and over 1500 tables in the 1-year estimates. For a complete list of variables, please go to our website at http://www.geolytics.com/USCensus,AmericanCommunitySurvey,Data,Variables,Products.asp

 The ACS is not part of the regular Census 2010 because it is an agglomeration of five years of data surveying. It can be used with the 2010 Summary File 1 or as a stand alone product. The boundaries will all align since the ACS 2010 is in the 2010 census boundaries. However, the total populations, race, etc numbers may differ because of the different methodologies that the US Census Bureau used in collecting the data sets.

 If you want this sort of data (income, employment, etc) still in the 2000 boundaries we also have the 2009 ACS which would then meet your needs. The ACS has all of the regular features that you expect in a GeoLytics product -- exporting data as a .csv or .dbf file; running maps and exporting them as shapefiles, having access to all of the variables for all of the geographies.

For more information about the American Community Survey 2010, please visit our website at:

2010 Summary File 1 (SF1) Normalized to 2000 Boundaries Available from GeoLytics

The 2010 Summary File 1 (SF1) data set contains the most detailed counts from the 2010 Census, including age (single year ages by gender for children), gender, households, families, relationship to householder, housing units, detailed race and Hispanic/Latino origin groups, and group quarters.

We have normalized (cross-walked) all of this data back to the 2000 boundaries. This way researchers who want to compare date from 1970-1980- 1990-2000 and now even 2010 you can -- all in the common 2000 boundaries.

SF1 has been expanded to include counts of families by type, by the age of the children present and by race and Hispanic origin of the householder. Many of the tables are repeated for each of the nine race and Hispanic/Latino groups. It also has more details about those who live in group quarters and renters vs. owners. The SF1 even includes the mortgage status of owned housing units.

The SF1 in 2000 boundaries covers the following geographies: states, counties, tracts, block groups, and ZIP code tabulation areas. Not every variable is available at the block group.

The GeoLytics Summary File 2010 in 2000 Boundaries has our easy-to-use interface – allowing users to quickly download all of the data for all of the geographies that they want – in whatever format they want (comma separated, dbf or a map with the accompanying boundary files).

For more information about the 2010 Summary File 1 (SF1), please go to our website at


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