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GeoLytics News: October 2010

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Online Geocoder with Mapping now available

Any geocoder will match your addresses to its corresponding latitude/longitude designations. But ours also appends 2010 Estimates and 2015 Projections, so you can do trending analysis for 2000, 2010 and 2015

Our newest geocoder is now available on line -- so you can chose either to receive a disk or access the service on line. In either case you will get fast, easy access to a great geocoder with lots of important add-ons. First there is our mapping – allowing you to see all of your addresses on a scatter map. Then there is the appending of demographics. And lastly there is the wide array of geographic indicators that we append.

When you geocode using GeoLytics new Geocoder you will get the same great processing that you have always had but now you willalso be able to see a map with all of your addresses with our own built-in map viewer. You can then see all of the points on a map and easily get a sense of the concentration in certain areas. If you choose to zoom in you will see the highways and then the streets add onto the maps as you zoom in for more and more detail. To see samples of our map viewer and the zooming please go to our website at

As our Geocoder appends the lat/long and data it also cleans your addresses. It corrects misspellings in the street or town names, it ensures that the number is within given USPS parameters and can even correct the street type (from street, road, drive, etc), it adds zip+4s to the matched address, as well as having the option to assign historic 1970, 1980, and 1990 Census tract and block group codes. The source data for geocoding addresses are the most up-to-date TIGER/Line® Shapefiles. The Online Geocoder is a stand-alone product that offers accurate, high-speed geocoding with an affordable annual license fee. For more information on GeoLytics’ Online Geocoder, go to:

In addition, with GeoLytics' Geocoder you will also automaticallyhave census designations such as block, block group and tract appended so you can append additional outside sources of data. For a list of variables for this product, please go to our website at
If you want to test it out, feel free to geocode an address for free --it won't append all of the cool data - but it will give you the lat/long Geocode a single address for free at


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