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GeoLytics News: 2010 Estimates/2015 Projections - Available ON LINE from GeoLytics

Monday, July 19, 2010

2010 Estimates/2015 Projections - Available ON LINE from GeoLytics

The 2010 Estimates and 2015 Projections are now avialable On Line. These data sets are the most up-to-date estimates of the current US population. The 2010 Census data won't be released for another year -- so don't wait, purchase the Basic, Professional, or the Premium version of our 2010 data now.

The BASIC 2010 ESTIMATES and 2015 PROJECTIONS provide demographic variables for the current U.S. population and for a 5-year projection of demographic trends. Variables include total population, population change, total households, race, age, gender, household income, owners vs. renters, and more.

Like all of GeoLytics’ CensusCD products, you get all 6 different geographies (nation, state, county, zip code, tract, and block group), plus you can run a radius around a latitude/longitude point. Visit our web site for details:

We offer three versions to meet your needs and budget. If you need more data than the basic 2010 Estimates and 2015 Projections, then consider the ESTIMATES PROFESSIONAL 2010/2015. This product includes all the variables on our basic Estimates and Projections
product, plus it includes complete break-outs of sex-by-age-by-race, median incomes by race, consumer expenditures, educational attainment and much more. The Estimates Professional is available in the same geographies: nation, states, counties, tracts, block groups, zip codes, and radius. For more information go to:

If you want still more data then select ESTIMATES PREMIUM which includes all of the variables from the Basic AND the Professional sets as well as also including poverty, home value, family income, unemployment rates, and employment categories. In addition, the
premium version also has added geographies: town (MCD), city (Place), and MSA. For information on Premium estimates and projections, go to:

These are all available on line -- with an easy-to-use interface to download the data as comma seperated, tab seperated or dbf file. Or run a map and export the Shape files or Mid/Mif files. These products are also available on DVD.


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