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GeoLytics News: 1960 Urban (Tract level) Data Now Available from GeoLytics

Thursday, February 11, 2010

1960 Urban (Tract level) Data Now Available from GeoLytics

The CensusCD 1960 Urban Long Form includes data for 22,871 tracts from the urban parts of the country. The US Census Bureau did not fully tract the US until 1990 so there is only data available for the urban areas (or what was urban in 1960) Also included in this urban file is data for 175 SMSAs (Standard Metropolitan Statistical Areas or cities with their surrounding suburbs). The data is also included for the 175 Central Cities without their suburbs.

The data set includes 56 tables covering 441 variables such as total population, race, age, household relationships, school enrollment and attainment, income, marital status, employment, industry of employment, occupation, housing numbers, condition of housing units, rent, value of property and more. There are also maps available for the tract level data.

The product will allow you to export data as a csv, txt, or dbf fileto use in database, statistical or other software as well as havinga built-in map viewer which will allow you to export Shape Files (ArcView)or Mid/Mif files (MapInfo).

For more information on CensusCD 1960 visit our website at http://www.geolytics.com/USCensus,Census-1960,Products.asp


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