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GeoLytics News: January 2009

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Latest 2008 TIGER/Line® Geographic Data now available

GeoLytics’ StreetDVD 2008 provides quick and easy
downloads of the latest 2008 TIGER/Line® Shapefiles.
This 6 DVD product includes the economic census
boundaries and updated urban growth areas. You get
all of the latest Census Bureau updates and geographic
layers in this very easy-to-use data set.

With StreetDVD 2008, you’ll quickly export any layers
from the 2008 TIGER/Line® Shapefiles for seamless
importing of geographic data into ArcView and MapInfo.
With GeoLytics software interface you choose and
export boundaries and layers in seconds. You can also
view and map the layers with the product’s built-in map

StreetDVD 2008 is easy to use. All you have to do is
click on the geographic layers you want, pick the geography,
and run your selection – that's it! It instantly creates
ArcView shapefiles or MapInfo files.

In addition to economic census boundaries and urban growth
areas, the StreetDVD 2008 provides detailed classifications
and data for all roads, railroads, hydrography, and landmarks,
as well as legal, statistical, and administrative boundaries
for census, transportation, education, and more. You also get
complete street segment ranges and zip+4 data for building
your own geocoders.

For more information about StreetDVD 2008,please visit
our website at:

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

NEW Geocoder based on 2008 TIGER/Line® Shapefiles

The latest Version 5.2 of the GeocodeDVD
automatically generates ArcGIS shapefiles
for importing into your mapping software.
Now in one simple step you can take your
list of addresses and create a layer of
points that are instantly usable in ArcGIS –
no further conversions or processing

This product matches your addresses to their
latitude/longitude coordinates and appends
census designations such as block, block
group and tract so you can profile your
address list. In addition, with the
GeocodeDVD with 2008 Estimates and 2013
Projections, users can append the most up to
date demographic data directly to addresses.
With this product users assign address
coordinates and append data in one simple
process, letting business and academic
researchers quickly profile their clients,
customers, or research subjects.
Geocoding can be done for an individual
address (manual mode) or a list of thousands
or millions of addresses (batch mode).

GeocodeDVD version 5.2 appends zip+4s to the
matched address, as well as having the
option to assign historic 1970, 1980, and
1990 Census tract and block group codes, in
addition to the latitude, longitude, and
2000 Census block code. The source data for
geocoding addresses are the most up-to-date
2008 TIGER/Line® Shapefiles. The GeocodeDVD
is a stand-alone product that offers
accurate, high-speed geocoding and an
affordable annual license. For more
information on GeoLytics’ GeocodeDVD, go to:

If you do not need the GeocodeDVD with 2008
Estimates and 2013 Projections, we have a
standard product that accurately matches
addresses to their latitude, longitude,
census block, zip+4, and appends historic
census codes. This product also appends
demographic variables based on the Census
2000 Long Form, such as race, age, income,
housing value, employment and more. The
standard GeocodeDVD is less expensive than
the GeocodeDVD with 2008 Estimates and 2013
Projections; the perfect product for
straight-forward address matching.

For a complete product description or list
of variables for this product or any of our
products, please go to our website at


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