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GeoLytics News: Updated, Accurate Geocoding Software

Friday, May 23, 2008

Updated, Accurate Geocoding Software

Get accurate geocoding with the GeocodeDVD Version 5.0 from GeoLytics. The latest version 5.0 has improved address matching based on the 2007 TIGER/Line® Shapefiles. In addition, with GeoLytics’ GeocodeDVD with 2008 Estimates and 2013 Projections users can append the most up-to-date demographic data directly to addresses. With this product users assign address coordinates and append data in one simple process, letting business and academic researchers quickly profile their clients, customers, or research subjects.

The latest version 5.0 appends zip+4s to the matched address, as well as having the option to assign historic 1970, 1980, and 1990 Census tract and block group codes, in addition to the latitude, longitude, and 2000 Census block code. The source data are the most up-to-date 2007 TIGER/Line® Shapefiles. The GeocodeDVD is a stand-alone product that offers accurate, high-speed geocoding and an affordable annual license. For more information on GeoLytics’ GeocodeDVD, go to:

If you do not need the GeocodeDVD with 2008 Estimates and 2013 Projections, we have a standard product that accurately matches addresses to their latitude, longitude, census block, zip+4, and appends historic census codes. This product also appends demographic variables based on the Census 2000 Long Form, such as race, age, income, housing value, employment and more. The standard GeoCodeDVD is less expensive than the GeocodeDVD with 2008 Estimates and 2013 Projections; the perfect product for straight-forward address matching.


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