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GeoLytics News: July 2007

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Profile your Mailing List with Zip+4 2007

GeoLytics' Zip+4 2007 is invaluable for profiling customers and/or clients. This DVD provides the latitude/longitude coordinates for each zip+4, and assigns the 2000 block, block group, tract, and county identification numbers and FIPS code. The 2007 version even lets you import and geocode your own lists of zip+4s, as well as append demographic data right onto the zip+4 records.

The Zip+4 2007 lets users import a DBF or CSV file and the program will output a file with the latitude, longitude, census designation, and the demographic data of choice. Therefore, if you have a list of zip+4 records, you can run your file and append data in one quick and easy step. The software also lets the user run a report that will download a given area of zip+4 records, such as all the zip+4s in a county or download all 31 million zip+4 records in one single extraction – just like previous versions of the product.

Zip+4 2007 also gives users the ability to add demographic information automatically appended to their zip+4 records. The standard version has more than 60+ geographic and demographic variables derived from Census 2000 Long Form. These data are block group level data.

In addition, GeoLytics has released the Zip+4 with 2007 Estimates and 2012 Projections. With this product users can append the latest, most up-to-date demographic data for doing customer and client profiling. Variables in the expanded version include population, households, age, race, income and more, from the 2007 Estimates and the 2012 Projections produced by GeoLytics. To see the complete lists of variables, go to:

The Zip+4 2007 has been updated using the U.S. Census Bureau’s latest 2006 2nd Edition TIGER/Line(R) files and the U.S. Postal Zip+4 National data set from June 2007. The Zip+4 2007 uses improved geocoding technology developed by GeoLytics and has over 31 million zip+4 records. For more information, go to: http://geolytics.com/USCensus,Zip4,Products.asp


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